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Wouldn't it be easier to simply upload these articles, which are in electronic format or easy to scan, somewhere? I can arrange hosting for a certain amount of time.
Here is what I have in electronic format (scanned and pdf-ed):

Кирпичников А. Н. Древнерусское оружие. Вып. 1. Мечи и сабли ІХ-ХІІІ вв. САИ. E1-36. M.1966.

Йотов, Валери - "Въоръжението и Снаряжението от Първото Българско Царство (VII - IX век)" - the chapter on sabres (A catalogue of all known archaeological finds from the 7th to the 9th centuries on the territory of nowadays Bulgaria. Anyone who can read Russian would be able to understand the vital information in the text - dating, measurements, and location of the finds).

I personally could not agree more that a non-biased, comprehensive study of the swords used by the Peoples inhabitting Eastern Europe and Western Asia in the middle ages is really needed, as Eastern European scholars tend to be under nationalistic influences - for example there is a tendency in Bulgaria for archeologists attributing almost every find to the Bulgars, as opposed to Magyars, Avars, Cumans and other ethnicities using similar weapons, who passed through the same lands. However, I am not an academian, just a collector and part-time enthusiast, and all I can do is just gather as much information as I can and then pass it on to people I know, who might actually be willing to study the subject thoroughly and write a major work on it.
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