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Nice sword! It looks like it could have been at sea. The blade looks a bit like the ĒNO ME SAQUES RAZON / NE ME EMBAINES SIN HONOR,Ē (DO NOT DRAW ME WITHOUT REASON, DO NOT SHEATH ME WITHOUT HONOR) type popular at the time (see attached pics of bilbo). The ricasso is inline with the sword but the grip with guard is a bit off in terms of positioning. Maybe the wood has shifted due to age/submerged in seawater? Sometimes the ricasso has a makerís mark. You can investigate using a small mirror to see better. The ferrules may be from a metal that donít oxidate as much, e.g. pewter? The pommel has an unusual mushroom shape, and may be a replacement. It seems to be screwed on to the tang? Jimís example is peened to the tang.
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