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Hi friends,

Here are additional pictures of the blade. While holding and taking new pictures, I have noticed that the supposedly hilt wrap is not 'nylon' or something. On closer inspection (with a magnifying glass)- I can see that it's some sort of fine 'rattan' or any other twine (that is a first to me). The shiny effect on this material (because of age) make it looks nylon. And of course, the fine rope on the scabbard.

Provenance: according to my father, it came from the Subanen tribe (along with a spear- which head is made of BRASS-to ward off evil?) and used by a female shaman. The length is the wood for the spear is very short (only for a female's normal height). I will post its picture as I get them (they're in my father's gallery in the province).

This kris is allegedly owned by a princess (which i cannot post her name). It was a field collection.

This kris may have been of Maguindanaoan origin and it found its way to the Subanen tribe.


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