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Originally Posted by Ian
Hi Yves,

I agree with what others have said. It is hard to know if this one had an asang asang, as Rick has noted. However, there is a groove where such a structure could l have fitted (see arrows on attached picture). If you are thinking of restoring the hilt, that would be the time to add one if you wanted to. The difficult part is finding a craftsman who could make one from silver.

Yes, it does seem that an asang asang was not part of the latest hilting of this kris, but i suspect that there probably was one originally. The blade was certainly made to accommodate one.
Since Yves lives in the Philippines he may stand a much better chance of finding someone to be able to craft an asang asang for him. There are still a good number of blade smiths there turning out edged weapons of this type. I see no reason why it need be crafted from silver however. AFAIK most asang asang were not made of precious metals.

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