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As per Kirill Rivkin, kaddara is a single-edged medium size weapon. The handle is typically that of a garden variety Caucasian kindjal. I am unaware of down-turned quillons.
Rivkin states that this variety of weapons was introduces to Iran from Azerbaijan and became popular there as a self- mutilating instrument during Ashura processions. Khorasani mentioned in passing that it was used by village constables.

There is yet another weapon in that area: Sabarkali from Kakheti ( Eastern Georgia, next to Iran). This is an analog of Khevsurian Dashna, also a Kaddara- like weapon, made out of repurposed broken blades.

Quite some times ago I have shown here a very old Sabarkali, likely 17-18 century Palash blade. Just search for Sabarkali and Dashna

Thus, time-wise I cannot be sure whether Iranian Kaddara derives from Azerbaijan or Kakheti .
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