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Originally Posted by Jean
I concur with David's opinion except that the blade dapur (with 7 or possibly 9 waves and a long gandik) is not a central Javanese standard IMO. I would attribute the blade to East Java also. The hilt is made from bone.
I a little confused Jean. I never placed the blade as central Jawa in my description. I only placed the hilt, which i did say was East Jawa, so what is you exception to my assessment?
I would add that this blade definitely has more than 7 luk. As it exists right now it appears to be 8, as the blade definitely looks to curve again after the 7th luk. OGB, not being a collector of keris may not know that the number of curves is almost always odd. So i would assume this blade lost a bit at the tip to erosion and was most likely once a 9 luk blade.
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