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This one‘s from Kashgar. I would read it as one long inscription

صاحبه قربان اخوند ابن محمد امین (؟) کاشقری سنه ۱۲۹۸

“Its owner Qurban Akhund ibn Muhammad Amin(?) Kashghari, year 1298 (1881-2).”

I’m not sure if the name “Amin” is correct.

There is another number at the end that’s looks like ۱۷۸۷ (1787). I don’t know what that refers to though it could just conceivably be ۱۲۸۷ (1287) in which case it could be read as 2 inscriptions


صاحبه قربان اخوند سنه ۱۲۹۸

“Its owner Qurban Akhund, year 1298 (1881-2)”


ابن محمد امین (؟) کاشقری ۱۲۸۷

“Ibn Muhammad Amin (?) Kashghari 1287 (1870-1)”

Just to confuse you, another possibility is that Muhammad Amin wrote the inscription on the left in 1287 and then eleven years later in 1298 his son Qurban Akhund wrote the second inscription on the right, adding the word “ibn (son of)” in between.

In any case, good night!

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