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Hello SÚverin,

Another very finely carved hilt! If you ever decide to let it go...

IMVHO this is a somewhat later example based on the early type representing a demonic being (I believe I also can make out fangs with your example) apparently belonging to the Kastrya echelon. Based on carving style and wear/patina, I'd guess your's is really old and certainly antique though.

The additional wooden "bead" below the hilt is weird. I've seen a few of these but no idea where this idea came from?

This keris seems worth a dedicated discussion - maybe you could post the blade and its fittings in a separate thread?

I'm pretty sure it represents Bhima: position of the hands, the belt with its buckle, the bun, etc. ... it's very close to Balinese hilts representing this deity.
BTW, I'd posit that with many/most Balinese hilts the original attribution (intended by the carver and/or sponsor) is not possible to prove. Same-o for figural hilts of other regions, I guess. Thus, it might be safer to qualify any interpretations.

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