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Originally Posted by Pukka Bundook

Nice to talk to you!!

I do not know if all Michael's arms and accoutrements were ever properly catalogued.
I did think of going through the Herman Historica Auctions, finding and saving the information and photos of each piece.
This would be rather laborious, but do not know an alternative really.

Unfortunately, field -work is taking my time at present, but thankfully we can visit past auctions at Herman Historica, and view both photos and details, so in a way the sold items Are catalogued.
(It's just finding them!)
A search through past auctions, using "Tromner" may be a good start....

Very best Jim,

Thank you Richard! Its nice hearing from you, and these are great suggestions. It does seem like some work, but I do hope all his items are indeed remembered as his, and will stand as such in the arms community.

All the best
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