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Thanks again for that.

European troops wore armour well into the 19c (and still do for ceremonial occasions), mine would be handy for thrusting into the unprotected bits of a curassier, or a 17c turk in mail. the brass grip was cast to fit this weapon, balances it nicely, and the length would suit an infantry officer more than a cavalryman i suspect. Looks simpler than the estocs in the ref. post above, but couple have similar more finished guards. Mine looks more like a ;munitions' grade, well made but not for a high ranking (and rich) noble.

I note in the 'estoc' wikipedia entry they mention them being simply hung on the owner's horse harness, the front of the guard would facilitate that or being used as a belt hook. It also notes that infantry would also carry them, also for penetrating mail and i would assume a shorter version like mine. It mentions the portion nehind the tip being unsharpened and their use two handed with the off hand in front of the guard, which could be done with mine to better guide it in for a coup de grāce.

Infantry Estoc/koncerz a possibility then...
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