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Hello Albert,

Total length in scabbard: 69.5 cm
Length blade: 50.5 cm
Width blade: 40 - 42 mm
Thickness blade (near the hilt): 6 mm

Thanks for the data/pics!

That's a longer and wider blade than expected (by me); a bit on the thin side though. The blade might be laminated - difficult to verify due to the corrosion; I can't make out any pamor which could have helped to narrow down the origin.

Can you make out any differences in silver quality between the ferrule (with the ellipsoid motif) vs any other parts (especially with filigree and possibly also the cap of the hilt at the base of the blade?

I'd be inclined to stick with my vote for Sulawesi (pommel and possibly blade); my guess would be that (most of) the silver work is modern though.

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