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Sorry for my very late response to this thread. Thank you for all your great replies.

I researched the sword a few years ago. With the results of my findings I made this short film on Youtube:

Hi Rob, Hi all together, here is a late question to the first posting from Rob. Where is the sword now? He/You wrote "The sword was returned in june 2013 after a long restoration". Is it in a museum in Eindhoven? Exhibited? kind regards Enibas

The sword is on display in the Heritage House (Erfgoedhuis) in Eindhoven. It is a sort of museum, but they do not call it like that.

If there is any interest, maybe it is a idea to invite members of this forum to the Heritage House in Eindhoven, where I can show the sword en tell the story behind it.

Further one last question: Last week I was in the Armeemuseum in Ingolstadt in Germany. One of the people who works there told me, someone from Hamburg is writing a book about Katzbalgers in Europe. Does anyone his/her name? Maybe our Katzbalger is a good addition to the book, because it is a sword dug up from an excavation.

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