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I wrote to Albert Van Z to see whether he may have had more information. Here is his kind reply:

Hello Ian,

The only (very concise) information I have about the 'Bankung' is, what is written on page 30 of 'Traditional Weapons ......', already quoted in your thread:

The drawing comes from 'Schröder, C.A., 1874, Ethnographische atlas bevattende afbeeldingen .....'
The accessory text from 'Matthes, B.F., 1874, Boegineesch-Hollandsch woordenboek ......' only says:
"bangkoeng (hakmes)"
[hakmes (Dutch) means chopper]

That is all, I'm afraid.

Best wishes,

From Albert's additional information, it seems bangkung describes a "chopper." So I think the term is likely describing a heavy-bladed knife (with a belly?) designed for chopping.

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