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Default Souvenir Talibong or Garab

This is a souvenir Talibong or Garab. It is lettered with the name and ship of a US sailor. The first USS Doyen, DD-280 was a destroyer in the 1920's that served in the Pacific. I have been unable to find any record of it docking in the Philippines. The 2nd Doyen, APA-1 was an Attack Transport that landed troops on Leyte and Lingayen Gulf. I think that is a more likely time frame. It is well made, and has a hardened edge. Doesn't seem to have seen any use. The blade is 20" (50 cm) long, and .264" (6.76 mm) thick at the hilt. The tang does not go through the hilt, and there is a little brass decoration on the side of the hilt. While it was probably a souvenir it is well made.
I'm interested in your thoughts about this piece.

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