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Default Share your miniature blades!

Hello dear members,

I've purchased recently a mini dha, real ivory handle and fine silver work at the scabbard, good blade. It's just 15 cm long inside scabbard, 13,5 cm without with a blade from 7,5 cm.
When it arrives I've realized that it isn't the only very small knife in my collection.
I'll share them here in two pictures, from left to right:

A. A very small french navaja with back lock, opened 17 cm
B. A small Faca de Ponta, 18 cm without scabbard
C. A very small dha knife for a woman or child, 13,5 cm
D. A small badik from Java, opened 18 cm
E. A Korean Eunjangdo, opened 12,3 cm, closed 13 cm
F. A small gunong, worked for those who travel but early and good worked,
16 cm without scabbard
G. A small bichak from the Laz people, side knife of a bigger one?, 18,5 cm
H. A jimat keris, Java, without scabbard 17 cm

Enjoy and I hope to see other little knives!
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