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Why do they have a poll axe on the cover?

Wiki, Poll axe
On quick glance, the pollaxe is often confused with the similar-looking halberd. However, the axe blade on a pollaxe seems to have been consistently smaller than that of a halberd. A smaller head concentrates the kinetic energy of the blow on a smaller area, enabling the impact to defeat armour, while broader halberd heads are better against opponents with less armour. Furthermore, many halberds had their heads forged as a single piece, while the pollaxe was typically modular in design.

They're also a bit shorter I gather & used more like a quarterstaff. Unlike wiki I think they are properly poll axes rather than pole axes as the axe does frequently have a hammer 'poll' opposite the axe (& a halberd tends to have a hook there on a longer 'pole' - so a halberd is more pole-axey ). later halberds i notice tend to have longer spikes for thrusting, like a godentag, mine looks like it has a somewhat longer spike than the repros I've found so far.

Matt does tend to rabbit on a bit, why use 10 words when 100 would do.

Another with verbal rabbiting:

I note his pollaxe head repro only has langets for 2 sides, mine is on 4.
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