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Default A Special Kampillan

In our collecting careers we have all had pieces that are so hard to find we assume they are just a distant dream, and while we hope to find them one day, we accept that we likely never will. Then, sometimes, almost like love, we find it when least expected!

Such is the case with this twistcore kampillan. I had hopes of a twistcore kampillan and barung one day being in my collection deeply repressed in my mind, realizing they were both unlikely to come to fruition. But, at Baltimore, this piece, bought by a friend, was hiding under a table until we both had a chance to look at it. I had seen the piece in photos but was not terribly impressed by the hilt, realizing, of course, this piece was really all about the blade. But in Baltimore when it came out from under the table the overhead lights seem to give the whole piece a Hollywood aura!!!. I was in love with it and felt very fortunate to have a chance to own it.

The hilt is far better than I had imagined, with a nice patina and decently carved. I think there is a chance it is younger than the blade, but not new or recent. The blade speaks for itself. The twistcore is not only superb but shows a very well controlled plan from a master blade forger.

Please enjoy the pics, though unfortunately, I have not done the kampillan justice.

...does this mean a twistcore barung is out there for me somewhere??!!

Overall length: 39.5in.
Blade length: 29in.
Blade's widest point: 2in.
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