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Ken Maddock
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Hi Fernando
Thanks for the comments,
I like this little guy as well, very well made and even the safety works
It was very rusty when I got it but complete
It all had to be opened up and taken apart
I even had to resort to a oxy acetylene blow torch to free up some of the parts
The barrel was not budging at all
My method was (first check gun not loaded)
soak barrel in penetrating oil
get a concrete expanding bolt wrap it in rag (to save on the scratches) and insert into the barrel and open it out by screwing in the bolt. then you have something you can hold very tight with a vice grip

the back of lock vice is held in a padded vice, careful not to hold onto the handle as this would not support any tourque. hold as close to the barrel as possible as you do not want the heat de tempering the springs in the gun
then try to twist off the barrel,
if it does not come a bit of heat always helps.
sometimes there is no success and barrel remains locked and removing the bolt can be difficult but is doable, I have had to resort to burning out the rag to help remove the bolt but only once.
Hope this works for you when needed
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