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I like it. That sudden jag could dome someone efficiently with a mace like blow. And the way it changes the angle of the business part of the blade in downward draw cutting looks to be more ideal for an effective cut. Seems like one could even bring the point to bear and turn it out of a piercing without as much danger of it wrenching one's arm. Yeah it's odd looking. But it looks like it would be very effective in use from horse back on lower targets.

The only problem is if one gets taken off their horse and is forced to fight with it on foot. then I could see some issues. Potential lack of reach advantage. the angle of the cutting edge no longer being ideal when at level with an opponent. Inability to thrust effectively from on foot.

Likely why we don't see nothing but these from it's inception onward. Because it's a little too specialized for the real dynamics of the battlefield. Still a very interesting sword.
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