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Default Catalogues

Now you got me into troubles; i wasn't expecting such a reaction.
However my character drives me into wishing to please you guys, so let me see how i unwrap this embroglio.
To start with, the catalogue features are those of a conventional book; hard cover, 202 pages couchę paper, aprox. weight over 1,5 Kg (some 4 pounds) ... so they tell me at the phone.
The price is not so cheap; basically 47,5 Euros, but i can buy them from a distributor i use, which is making a significant discount: 42,53 Euros. They take about 10 working days to send me the books ... after confirming my payment by bank transfer.
If i order them individualy, i only have to readress the parcel to those interested, using the original packing. The cost of each posting from the distributor to me is 2,5 Euros. In the case of two copies in one only packing (Ariel) the cost is 2,6 Euros.
I have contacted the local Post Office and they say i can airmail the books under editor conditions, which is a lot cheaper than ordinary mail.
Assuming the book packed weighs close to 2 kilos, registered speed mail to Europe costs 10,94 Euros and slow mail costs 7,97 Euros.
To countries other than Europe costs respectively 22,28 and 13,07 Euros.
The difference between speed and slow is one or two weeks to Europe and two or three weeks to other countries ... approximately.
Adding to this, for those who will pay me by paypal, will have to add 4% to the total cost, to cover the fees i will be charged.
In other words:
One copy to USA by speed mail + paypal = 70 Euros
By slow mail + paypal = 60,5 Euros
One copy to Europe by speed mail + paypal = 58,20 Euros
If paid by bank transfer (IBAN+SWIFT/BIC) = 56 Euros
By slow mail + paypal = 55,20
If paid by bank transfer = 53 Euros-
I hope all these calculations are correct, or i am done .
If, after this, some of you guys are still interested in having the catalogue/s, please send me a PM stating the mailing method you want me to use and payment system with which you will settle.
Taking into consideration that i will be requested to order a few books, not just one or two, i will be expecting that you pay me in advance as, if those interested are the same as originaly stated, the amount involved is quite considerable for me to advance.
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