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Originally Posted by ganjawulung
Thanks, David for the response. Sometimes, it is confusing to me. When I find a "bugis" keris, but dressed in "palembang" style for instance, can I mention it "a palembang keris"? Or "a bugis keris but in Palembang dress"? So, which must we classify geographically the keris? From dress, or blade?

What I want to make sure from the picture, was the blade made in terengganu by terengganu empu, or just dressed in terengganu style but the blade was actually made in Bugis? What are spesific characteristics of terengganu blade?

It is the same question I will ask myself. If I have a "sundang" -- whether it is Moro or Malay -- but dressed in Javanese style. Then, may I call it "a javanese sundang"?

In other ways, sometimes I find "bugis form keris" but sheated in Palembang way -- then may I called it is a "palembang keris", or "bugis blade dressed in palembang style"?

Once again, I apologize for being confused...

This is indeed an endless question and is, of course, dependent upon specific examples.
AFAIK it is indeed proper to refer to a keris as being, let's say, a Palembang keris if it is properly dressed as such regardless of it's blades origin. Blades often travel, either in trade or because their owner has moved. To dress your blade as is appropriate for the region in which you are living would make a lot of sense. Of course, here we are just speaking about when this type of dressing is done for cultural purpose. These days it is not uncommon to find all sorts of blade origins dressed all sorts of ways at the whim of dealers who are merely redressing old blades for the purpose of sales. Sometimes it's a tough or impossible call. Is it properly dressed this way or is a a "dealer mixed bag special"?
Personally i would not call a Moro kris in a Javanese sheath a Javanese Sundang, but maybe others will think differently.
But when we are discussing Bugis keris it seems to me that we have other factors to keep in mind. You probably wouldn't find too many Javanese style keris being made on the Peninsula, but since Bugis communities pop up all over the archipelago you may well find someone was making Bugis style keris there at some time. I would also be interesting in knowing whether or not we can detect subtle character differences in a Bugis blade made in Sulawesi to that of one made in Teregganu.
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