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Originally Posted by David
A Terengganu keris can therefore be a Bugis keris in style if it were made by and for Bugis people living in that area. But certainly not all Bugis keris are Teregganu. I think you might find greater differences in the dress than the actual blades, though forging materials may well vary from place to place.
Kai Wee could certainly point out the subtle differences in the various Bugis forms than i ever could.

Thanks, David for the response. Sometimes, it is confusing to me. When I find a "bugis" keris, but dressed in "palembang" style for instance, can I mention it "a palembang keris"? Or "a bugis keris but in Palembang dress"? So, which must we classify geographically the keris? From dress, or blade?

What I want to make sure from the picture, was the blade made in terengganu by terengganu empu, or just dressed in terengganu style but the blade was actually made in Bugis? What are spesific characteristics of terengganu blade?

It is the same question I will ask myself. If I have a "sundang" -- whether it is Moro or Malay -- but dressed in Javanese style. Then, may I call it "a javanese sundang"?

In other ways, sometimes I find "bugis form keris" but sheated in Palembang way -- then may I called it is a "palembang keris", or "bugis blade dressed in palembang style"?

Once again, I apologize for being confused...

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