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I also believe North India/Afghanistan regions. Although the blade form is different, I am reminded of the Kopis.

Seems to have been used often....judging by the wear on the handle. The hilt is perfect for 'chopping' strikes or perhaps as a sacrificial short sword (Ram Dao).

Bearing in mind the Kopis spread across Northern India and Persia, it is not unreasonable to think variants may still exist in some areas. Below are some line drawings from "El Armamento Iberico" Fernando Quesada which helps to tie the hilt to the Kopis/Falcata. But could add weight to the arguement that North Africa could be a possible source !!!

The guard looks typical for Indian weapons as does much of the decoration, which seems to dismiss the African connection. Perhaps this was a commisioned piece made in Africa with design elements from India ???

What ever it is I like it.

Regards David
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