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Default Keris Terengganu

Greetings, all. I've lurked around the forum for a few years now, ever since I ran across it during a Google search. I thought maybe I would finally contribute, for a change.

By way of introduction, my own Keris Terengganu, the probable sibling of David's and Kai Wee's. 14 1/2" overall, with a 10 1/2" sepakol blade. Blade has the typical Bugis cross-section. These are not particularly good photographs, but you can see the pamor is identical to David's, if currently less visible (I have yet to clean and oil the blade).

A slender and delicate blade, particularly when compared to my larger Bugis keris. Would it be considered a patrem? It seems a little small for a grown man, although perhaps it is at the upper end of the length range for a patrem.
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