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Hi Mike,

Not a lot. Jim has dug up two very good articles. I have located two books, both very old and rare (one was used by Christie's for their description of the piha in a catalogue), and some very good collections & examples. Maskell used to have one of the biggest collections I have known about. I have heard about a private collection in Europe that has not been photographed or displayed that has over 200 examples. I have 18. Rod has several very good examples. But the examples don't equate to knowledge. I started to see what I could gather and disseminate, but it's not been high priority lately. I was surprised at how few Sri Lankans I spoke to had even a basic knowledge about them. I made a lot of phone calls to dealers/gallery owners and professors, and sent a lot of emails and got a few nuggets of information for the effort. Everything I have is on the site, with the exception of one article that I think I will break down and scan in now. I've been putting it off, but it's too good not to include and share. I think I'll do it now..............
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