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Originally Posted by asomotif
Nice keris Detlef. congrats with this bargain.

In the Netherlands I haven't had any problems with import either. (knock on wood )
Although I hardly collect nor buy ivory object.
But mandaus that came from abroad where never stopped with questions about the hilt material.
Best thing here is to let the shipper describe it onthe parcel as antiques.
In that case I pay 5 or 6 % VAT.

Sirek, you write :

Amazing, they answered you ?!?
In the past I have tried to contact them about new made hornbill ivory (buceros vigil) objects that where offered on ebay, and I received no reply whatsoever.

Thank you Willem,

and I knocked on the wood already! Here in Germany we pay 7% VAT for ethnograhic items and I will be happy to pay it when it passed!
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