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Originally Posted by Dimasalang
Pepperskull, this is what makes this place so great! We can all learn and collaborate together and "iron out" these issues.

Indeed. This is why I enjoy this particular forum. FMA sites tend to derail into petty bickering, as the rules are never clearly stated or enforced, and people in other forums have a habit of being too invested emotionally into an argument.

Here, we can disagree yet still maintain an enjoyable degree of polite discourse. Because of this, I find that we accomplish more. The purpose of this message board seems to lead more towards what is correct, and not who is correct. A very very welcome change in my internet experience.

Originally Posted by Dimasalang
After reading the entire thread from where that quote came from, it looks like it was written by Celestino "Tinni" Macachor(who is based out of Cebu). Aside from being a researching historian, he is also one of the pillars of De Campo JDC-IO. He is the co-author of the book, Cebuano Eskrima: Beyond the Myth...which delves heavily in to the history of Visayan eskrima. I actually have this book and it is extremely deep. But I have only read a few of the chapters...I think I'll have to sit down now and read it in its entirety. You can also email Tinni Macachor at I think I need to send him a few emails.

...or perhaps we can convince him through e-mail to join us here and further enrich our discussion? Both about Moro fighting systems and Visayan (namely Cebuano) fighting systems. I'm sure many of us would appreciate his input.
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