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Default Strange US CW Horstmann Artillery? Hanger?

Hello guys,

Found this blade between my old acquisitions. I can't quite place it, have checked Peterson. Bezdek, Albaugh etc...

When I bought it, it was supposed to have been a "confederate" sword, albeit the Philadelphia manufacture mostly rules that out.

The interesting feature of this piece lies in the _solid hilt, pommel, grip and D-Guard_, something akin the french M1816 hanger. OTOH, it has a separate grip doubly-stranded wire, which is usually only seen when the grip is made of wood, or covered by either leather or fish skin.

The sword is beautifully made, well balanced and solid, its blade gorgeously covered with exquisite etchings. The importer's name quite clearly etched "W. H. Horstmann & Sons" , Philadelphia.

The knuckleguard seems to be decorated with a four leaf clover (Vermont's state flower). It could also conceivably be a mustard flower, or perhaps hydrangea/whipplevine aka "Philadelphus Lewisi" (Idaho's state flower). There are other four leaf flowers decorating the guard, and a five leaf flower on the quillion.

I have never seen another sword quite like it. Looks similar to a Horse Artillery M1852. Private order perhaps? Seems strange to see a gorgeous blade like it coupled to a relatively cheap solid brass hilt.

Any ideas ? Glen, Dmitri ?


Manuel Luis

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