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Originally Posted by KuKulzA28
Atayal traditionally wove with rammie - a very laborious process.

Hi KuKulz,
Please pardon my adding some information on this excellent weapon, which I know you have expertise on, but there may be others (like me who may not be aware of these weapons or terms. This very interesting weapon, which I now have found is a 'laraw', shows very nicely against this cloth.

I have read your previous comprehensive thread on the weapons of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) and the Atayal, who are the aboriginal natives there. I understand that 'rammie' is a plant fiber used in weaving scabbard straps?

I believe that the diamond type geometrics in the material represent the eye of the ancestors who are protective, the red color represents blood & power, and the horizontal lines have to do also with the spirits of ancestors. Obviously this is material I am just now searching, so I would defer to you and others who specialize in this field for more accurate descriptions.

These weapons certainly show well against traditional textiles!

All best regards,
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