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Thank you so much for the response Rumpel! Yes it indeed was Sheila Payne, and now that you mention it, the book was very much intended for very general audience and, entertaining, I suppose somewhat in 'Indiana Jones' fashion. Not a bad thing, but not entirely helpful from the perspective I was then seeking.
Intriguing notes on the Central Asian stuff there, and these vendors sound fascinating as I imagine the things you must have access to finding!!!
There definitely is a lot to be discovered in aligning these material culture symbols with weaponry and accoutrements of these regions, and I really look forward to more discussion.

Naga, thats exactly what we're talking about!and thank you for sharing those key notes on symbolism in these rugs (absolutely fantastic grouping there of weapons, and especially with the dimension added with the rugs).It is to me patently impossible to be in the presence of these kinds of rugs without imagination and resulting temporal adventures getting the best of me

Jose, speaking of adventures! Very, very nice grouping there as well, and its great to see these variations in them carrying the same comprehensive effect. Wow!

Carlos, a beautiful kampilan, and again, this addition of the material and bells represent important talismanic symbolism. Very nice example and thank you for sharing it.

All the very best,
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