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I have placed a rug from the Caucasus on the wall behind my Cherkeska : the traditional outer garment of the Caucasian tribesmen, worn by Kuban and Terek Cossacks, in this weapon and textile display.
Some of the symbolism seen on the rug.
Ram's Horn - Sheep and rams were a vital source of warmth and comfort, as well as being central to the livelihood of the tribe. Their wool was the primary material used in weaving, which they considered a sacred activity. Throughout history, the ram's horn has been used to summon the group together as one. The ram's horn symbolizes strength, power and fertility, suggesting that life itself is not temporary, but eternal.
Star of Wisdom - The eight-pointed star is an archetypal symbol that appears in cave drawings and likely stems from the dawn of mankind. This motif depicts man's potential for inner wisdom and understanding; in fact King Solomon wore an eight-pointed star on his ring as a reminder of inner striving. The tribal weavers lived an elemental lifestyle with minimal possessions. They believed that wisdom was the true wealth that could be obtained through the striving one made amidst the many challenges of one's daily activities.
Thanks to Claremont Rug Company for symbolism info.

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