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Originally Posted by Dizos
I've noticed that most advanced weapon making cultures also have tremendous weaving traditions. Does anyone here match textiles and weapons from the same cultural groups? I have some very broad regional matches, but no precise cultural matches. The textiles make a great backdrop for displaying the weapons.

Excellent topic Dizos!
Actually in ethnographic material culture it is well established that there are often similiarities in symbolism in the motif of textiles, such as Berber items and in the Middle East in certain cases with rugs, with that found on weapons decoration. It seems like there was once a book titled "The Afghan Amulet", I forget details and the author, but the theme was with regard to the importance of amuletic motif in textiles. I thought it might be good potential for studying decorative motif, but did not pursue it further regrettably. Hope there will be takers here

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