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Wow! Thanks a million, Kisak! That's the one! I love it when swords are accidently mis-identified and this is obviously not Civil War. I believe this is is the second pattern of marine sword circa 1790's-1800. It resembles it's predecessor (Neumann's "Swords & Blades of the Revolution", plate S48, but has only two bars vs three on the guard.). As mentioned in a previous thread, according to Gilkerson, the unmarked verions of these (like this one) might have been imported for the American Marine Corps just in time for the Quazi-War. These isn't much info on these and their plainness makes them sort of non-discript. I recognized it for the pommel cap and off-facing knucklebow screw. I have seen a variation of these with shark-skin grip, but mine has leather with wire. Other naval types are seen with leather grips, but they are uncommon. Just wanted to post this to see if there was anyone more knowledgable in Dutch weapons of this period (I'm still learning- )
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