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Lightbulb Tolerance

We are a diverse group, with varied degrees of experience, education and interest. As a result, not everyone is here for the same reasons, nor is everyone interested in participating in the same fashion. There is room here for nearly everyone, however.

It is unrealistic to expect the general membership to accept statements of fact presented as authoritative with no qualification or reference. Likewise, it is unrealistic to expect members to reference with citations every casual comment or post.

A middle ground can and should be reached.

Let's not forget that this is an internet discussion board. Part of the enjoyment we get from this forum is the ability to discuss things in a casual, relaxed environment. However, a great deal of information is disseminated here, and care should be taken to preserve the integrity of that information, lest we, like many areas of the web, perpetuate misinformation.

No one should feel uncomfortable requesting supporting references or qualification, nor should anyone be upset when so asked.

Finally, if you find that a particular member's posting habits continually irritate you, simply place them on your "ignore" list. This will prevent you from seeing that individuals posts completely.

Added by Mark:

To add someone to your "ignore" list, click on the user's name to the left of one of their posts and select "view public profile," or locate the user's profile via the search feature. Click on "Add <user> to Your Ignore List" on the green banner located near the top of the profile. Voila! Now posts by that user will not show up when you view the forum, unless you search for them.
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