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Originally Posted by Naga Sasra

Which bring us to the present day and the discussion on “Hulu Keris”. Here again I agree with you, this booklet I believe was never intended as an academic, well researched and referenced book, but an informational work in nature.

Naga Sasra:

I completely agree with your statement and I would like to thank you for the explanations to the HULU KERIS book as it might be that I have been misunderstood. I am the same opinion that the book "was never intended as an academic, well researched and referenced book", but when I read the different comments I had the impression that it was handled as that. It is mostly not the book(s) which I critsize but its the way the people read or handle the books.

The from Marcokeris made comment "IMO mr. Jensen's Krisdisk is the best work i have seen till today about keris hits" is a good sample for what I mean.

Although Marcokeris only spoke about the keris hilts I see the disk/book in its completness. And if I have a book in my hand - a book which seems to be ambitious - and then already at the beginning at the part terminology of the blade I stumble over an in my eyes essential error, then - and I only speek for me - I am questioning myself how will be the forthgoing parts and how well done the researches for creating such a book might have be done.

Finally again, I don't generally critisize straight on the book(s) itself as mistakes can happen, but in some books with the ambitiousness to belong to a higher level, essential faults really should not happen. I generally critisize the way how literature nowadays is used by the readers - much to less critical reading and that is what I ment some time ago when I wrote that in the closer future the not so well presentated but seriously researched books will be fogotten and the well presentated will be handled as reference books because of the lack of critical reading. And then the mistake in the terminolgy might become commen in its use and the right term will go under (I speek here only for the western readers).

So far so good - I know I am fighting against windmills - but it has to be said.
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