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Indeed it is a point that beginners can easily misunderstood and accepted that all the info in any keris book are true and evidence-based.

Most beginners actually are buying stories from people in the keris trade, in their humble beginning. While not all people in the keris trade are that bad, but sadly this always happen. Anyway, by the time they are buying their 3rd keris onwards, these beginners actually has developed their own sense of learning. And those stories of might and magic are not of any relevance to them anymore.

Same goes with book. There are numbers of keris books where the info are for entry level enthusiasts and contains many error (need further editing), but the fact is, it still sells.

How much terror that we scared to befall upon new generation in order for them to learn their way up in the keris collecting world, it is actually a learning process, which is vital. The harder they fall, the harder they remember.

Somehow, I feel that learning something in the hard way is always the best way...
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