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Originally Posted by freebooter

How would it be clearly proposed that if I for example presented a kris for comment and discussion and then found something more personal to me and wished to sell this Kris to buy what I desired more....By what approach would be considered suitable by staff to sell this Kris now? Would if be in the form of a public announcement or a case of tough love mate, wait the 3 months or be booted? Or would it be recommended that I don't show and tell Keris at all so the motions do not have to be actioned thus depriving the forum of somethings that may never be seen otherwise???

We are still working out the details Gav, but first of all, the moratorium on sale will only apply to the Swap forum. We cannot keep you from selling your keris on your website, eBay or anywhere else. You won't be able to make a link to your sale in the Swap, but other venues of sale will remain open to you.
We can and will ask that you don't use statements made by members here to support your sale at these other sites without the express permission of those members.
I also doubt that the time frame will be anywhere near as long as 90 days.
I think we will ask that if you do put something up for sale somewhere that has been discussed on the forum that you alert the moderators first so that we can lock that thread since we cannot have discussion of items that are currently up for sale.
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