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rick mine old friend
a moment of peace
i did say nothing about a forgery
and i also did not take the word molded in mine reply
only if i compare it with mine pice ,it seems to miss
some sharpness yes do not read me wrong
one thihg it comes out of indonesia oke
i have spend some years there working with
pertamina oil-comp
i see the hilt is from there and it is no elephant
ivory but a other animal
and for all reasons is it handmade also in asia some
are made with other meth, oke
the big question is ,is danny happy with it
yes oke i only did try to put mine dime in this
and rick i think we started of on the wrong foot yes
let say i did oke ,soon it is new year let it be
give me your adress will mail you nice book st claus
grt jan
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