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Originally Posted by David
Thanks Guawya, i think you make some good points and observations, perhaps the most important of which is the following.

Still, while i agree that the death penalty does not discourage murder (and i am not a proponent of it) i am still in favor of sticking convicted murders in jail for the rest of their lives (or at least until some DNA evidence proves their innocence). We must find a way to encourage and nurture ethical behavior, but we still cannot allow transgressors to take advantage of out tolerance and walk all over us. So in the end, like it or nor, new regulation is on the way. I am hoping that it will not be over-bearing and restrictive, but since, as you say, Group B is not likely to respond to our "Ethics by Example" methods we simply must create some new rules that make it more difficult for them to operate among us.
If you would like to learn more about what forum rules are already in place you will find "sticky" (meaning they don't move) threads at the top of each forum explain them.

What a lot of feebacks - never thought!
I aggree with you David and it seems that I have to be more careful in the choice of my words or formulatings I use - but sometimes I like to overstretch formulations to shorten the way.

Naturally offences have to have consistencies and in the case of my so-called group B I follow Rick : "get caught and you are gone."

My sampe with the death penalty is more to see under the aspect: 'bad boys will not become good boys' through laws and that more important is the promotion of ethical behaviour and as a practical appliance I only can support drdavid's made proposals (see: #100).

Finally I would like to add a citate made by Rick:
"We sincerely hope that our Warung members will be pro-active in helping to maintain the standards we all strive for . "

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