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What would you like to see achieved by any upcoming changes in policy?

My question above seems to have been misunderstood.

I was not asking for solutions, or ways in which to achieve some outcome or another, but only what we would like that outcome to be.

The means by which it might be achieved remains the responsibility of site management.

As an example, my wife could ask me:-

"what would you like to eat for dinner?"

my answer could be:-

"chickpea curry and rice"

how that chickpea curry and rice finds its way to the table in front of me is not my problem :- that problem of producing chickpea curry and rice is exclusively the province of my wife.

Similarly with this matter currently before us, we do not need to suggest the ways in which outcomes might be achieved, all we need to do is to suggest what we would like to see achieved. Site management will provide the means by which the outcomes may be achieved.


To the statistic somewhen later as I don't have the script actually with me but if I remember right there is a big fault included.

Do you mean Martin Kerner's statistical analysis contains error?

I could not find that error. I would be very grateful if when you have the text of his work at hand, you could direct me to the erroneous section.

However, even though his actual statistical work may be accurate, his conclusions are less than adequate, most particularly his conclusions drawn from a complete misunderstanding of both cultural and technological bases.
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