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Default The Pilsen haquebuts recorded by Sixl in ZWK 1900-02

Hi Alexander,

If you allow some time I will post all 18 haquebuts prerserved in the Západocéske Musezeum Pilsen, together with the photos and all their relevant measurements and data. Please keep in mind that all I have is these more than 100 year old b&w photos taken by Sixl. 17 of these 18 haquebuts seemingly retain their original stocks and one of them even a primitve snap tinderlock. When I was at the Pilsen Muzeum in 2000 the curator was unfortunately not able to find that one. I can't really blame him because you should see the astounding masses of more than 250 firearms before ca. 1530, all displayed on trestles and with very little space in between. Sadly enough, many of them are displayed with the touch hole (and in this case the lock!) facing the walls - and they are fixed in their position with iron bands!

As Sixl's article is in German I am not quite sure how to do it. In fact I know too little about computers to be able and scan Sixl's tabulated list and translate the German text into English. I have to as ask around a bit how to get the translations into the table elements. But you will live to see it, no doubt.

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