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Originally Posted by Sajen
But with this 30 day rule I have my problems. I have bought not long ago a sword from Africa but I thought it's from Indonesia but I haven't be sure by this and give it to discussion. After it have been clear that it don't fit in my collection since I only collect Indonesian/Philippines I moved it direct to the swap forum for selling or swap. I don't have seen any bad by this.

Of course not Detlef, that is because you haven't done anything bad. There is currently no rule in place that says this is so. Rick simply put this idea out and asked for comments so we are discussing it. So your action was completely innocent. Unfortunately others members regularly do this as a method to sell their keris forcing us to consider this new rule. If there was such a rule in place you just wouldn't be able to post about your sale on the Swap Forum for 30 days. This would not keep you from selling it anyplace else, just on the forum site where you had just had an indepth thread with comments about the keris. I don't think that is all that unreasonable a request. After 30 days you are free to put it up in Swap if you haven't already sold it in one of the many other venues you could have sold it through in the meantime.
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