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I would like to float an idea here ; how about a 30 day time limit before a keris discussed here in the Warung may be offered for sale in Swap ?

Hello Rick,

I agree with you, Alan and David complete that posting keris for comments only by the reason to sell it isn't acceptable and that you and David have to find rules to anticipate this.
But with this 30 day rule I have my problems. I have bought not long ago a sword from Africa but I thought it's from Indonesia but I haven't be sure by this and give it to discussion. After it have been clear that it don't fit in my collection since I only collect Indonesian/Philippines I moved it direct to the swap forum for selling or swap. I don't have seen any bad by this.
I also sell things in e-bay but I am not a dealer, I thin out my collection when I want to buy something better or something I don't have and I have to do like this because I am not a rich man.


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