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Originally Posted by fearn
I think #1 and #2 and well-intentioned, and may well turn out to be draconian and unenforceable.

hmmm....Daconian....perhaps, unenforcable, certainly not.
I don't think you are completely understanding what Rick has suggested here. #1 is, of course, dependent upon the vigilance and cooperation of all our members. If you see someone using a quote you or someone else wrote on a thread to support the sale of their keris send us the prove of it. I know that i would not be happy if someone were using my assessment, given in the spirit of helping a collector better understand what his keris is, used as a sales pitch further down the line. Would you?
The 30 day sales ban that Rick was suggesting was if you want to place the keris in our Swap Forum. We are not about to police the entire internet. It is not our place or intention. But as Rick stated, if you put it on eBay before the 30 days, don't post a link to the auction in the Swap Forum.
Originally Posted by fearn
And how does me having permission work, anyway? I have to email the moderator before I put up the item for sale? Or do I get banned first, and then have to defend myself by forwarding emails and hoping you believe that I didn't just write them myself?

Well first off Fearn, we probably wouldn't know that you quoted someone without permission unless that person first complained to us. You get permission by asking for it, i would say probably through PM. If you want to play it safe i would save your PMs just in case someone who said yes at some point has a change of heart, but that seems like an unlikely scenerio.
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