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Originally Posted by Jussi M.
If you ask for open discussion and opinions why donīt you welcome them?

Jussi all opinions are most certainly welcome. I did not making my reply post to stop the discussion. But you seem to be under the impression that the purpose of this forum and it's stance on commercial elements have not been clearly and concisely outlined already. My response to you is that we have always been clear about it. You are certainly welcome to suggest that we change the way we deal with this subject. That doesn't mean that you will find me in agreement.
Originally Posted by Jussi M.
Do we want it or not, most people here are more or less continuously on the look out for new additions to their collections. It would be for the benefit of the unexperienced collector to have some sort of reference that the new addition that he is considering is not a lemon but as a worthy an addition as can be judged from two dimensional pictures on the www.
If I am buying a new addition to my watch collection and I am not 100% sure of what I am dealing with never mind who the seller, I will post pictures on the forums and ask for the opinion of the more seasoned collectors who are experts on the model in question.
Yes. Watches are are not kerises, but the risks in acquiring them on the internet are not very different from each other. You would not believe how close the fakes and frankensteins are today to the "real deals".

And here is the problem with this, or at least one of them. No one here has any official credentials authorizing them to make appraisals of keris. From photo even someone as well versed as Mr. Maisey can, if pressed, make a judgment in error. So let's say you see a keris for sale somewhere and you want to know if it's the real deal. You post photos on this forum and either Mr. Maisey or someone else whose opinion you trust makes a public statement that the keris in question looks off for one reason or another and based on this information you then choose not to make the purchase. But perhaps they are in error and the seller, who can clearly monitor this forum sees this assessment. He then has a legal case with this forum for interfering with the sale of his keris and possibly slandering his reputation as a dealer. This is a liability that we just can't have on this forum.
Originally Posted by Jussi M.
Why cannot a collector ask for the opinion of a more seasoned collector outside the forum, well, of course there is nothing to stop him or her for doing that. Is it not how ever natural to ask something of this nature on the forum dedicated for the items in question?

It may seem natural for you to ask for such an assessment on the forum, but asking a member you trust privately, either by email or PM is the proper way to deal with this question. As Alan has already stated, he has done this countless times when asked. What i am sure he does not want to do is to make a public pronouncement on a keris that possibly opens him up to legal action by the potential seller.
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