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Originally Posted by fearn
Hi David and Rick,

I think #1 and #2 and well-intentioned, and may well turn out to be draconian and unenforceable.

As all of you know, I'm not a seller or a much of a collector, so I'll use myself as an example: Suppose I post new something here, and ask where it's from. Someone says, "Nice keris from Bali."

A week later, my fiancee finds out I bought it, and hits the roof, saying that we'd agreed to spend the money on the house first, not on toys, and we don't have room for it anyway. I decide to sell it on eBay. "For sale, nice Bali keris. Starting bid US$40."

I will be banned.

Or I can lie and say it's an excellent keris from Java, US$200, and be okay???

At the very least, I would suggest putting in the rules something about the moderators having sole discretion about what to do to offenders.

Hi Fearn,
We can only try to control what happens in this forum and what happens to content use concerning this forum .

You would not be banned .

If you placed your hypothetical keris on ebay no one would ban you .
If you wanted to use forum comments the rules apply ; you must first get permission .

In the case of a simple 'nice Bali keris' no problems .

If you were to post a link to the ebay auction in Swap before the 30 days were over I'd feel concern .

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