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I take it that you all have read the pertinent posts in the Swap Forum rules .
These apply to outside the forum sales also .

I rarely comment on this but I do make the rules in the Warung .
That having been said here are a few ideas and comments :

If any one of our members sees even a third hand quote from here used to sell a keris or any other weapon in any venue (even PM or email) without the express consent of the commenting member, members, or mentions the Warung in a sales pitch, that seller if a member here will be permamently banned .
Please notify the Moderators via PM ; be specific; have proof .

I would like to float an idea here ; how about a 30 day time limit before a keris discussed here in the Warung may be offered for sale in Swap ?

I would also suggest that those who endlessly offer these 'discussion' keris without taking any other part in the Warung should have their motives closely examined by the Staff .
If it is found that a member is posting keris in the Warung ONLY to sell then they will be banned .

We will not be used as a sales catalogue; ever .

Bottom line; if you are here only to sell keris put them in Swap; not here !

Comments would be greatly appreciated .
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