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Rawhide and cuir boulli can end up with somehwta similar results but are worked differently. Raw hide is exactly that, raw hide which dries out and is hard as all get out. Its miserable to work with in its natural state, even cutting it ( as I have to do to get strips to use for trimming shields ) involves using Wise tin snips ( i've also used a bandsaw ) as nothing less will touch it. THe rawhide than needs to be soaked to achieve pliability, cold water takes longer than hot water ( not boiling water, boiling water turns it into a pork rind ). I use warm water and give it about 2-2.5 hours to become really easilly workable. After aplication you simply allow it to dry and it becomes as hard as it was to begin with.

With cuir boulli tanned leather, which is workable, is treated with water/wax ( i've heard both and variations ) and moulded to allow it to dry into the desired shape that is rigid/hard. I just did some rehab on a set of legs and arms for a guy who's elbows and knees were steel but the cuisses, rebraces and bracers were all cuir boulli and the material, while not as spriningy hard as rawhide was quite stiff, and I could redilly see the defensive potential.
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