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Hi Fearn,
Excellent info on that link, thank you so much!
It really sounds pretty effective in producing all this leatherwork. I've tried to find histories of how this leather was produced, especially in frontier regions, such as in Spanish colonial America's.
The terminology gets confusing as well, terms like jerkin; gambeson; doublet etc. in the body defense categories.
The buff coat comes to mind in England well into the 18th century, but this was simply rawhide or tanned material I think.

I think it would be good to get the terminology and distinctions straight, as well as what materials were used...bullhide, rawhide, cowhide etc.

Calling all leather experts!!! A lot of attention is given to chain mail and plate armour, but we need to give some to the leather.

Thanks again Fearn,
All the best,
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