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Default Cuir Boulli armour, production and surviving examples

I am wondering about surviving examples of this leather armour from Europe and its use in the Middle Ages through Renaissance period.

I'd like to open some discussion about the variations of this type of armour in cuirasses (which I believe the term 'cuir' has its root in the leather), and to see examples known to survive as well as the varying forms.

It seems to have been generally held that such leatherwork has typically not survived, however I believe examples of Roman leather breastplates have been found (though not sure if they were cuir boulli) and I also wonder if saddles etc. (again, not cuir boulli)being have been preserved from Europe from 16th century to 18th.

How was cuir boulli processed, was it really boiled, or was this just a term for the tanning process?

I'd really appreciate your input guys.

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